Publications of YB IPT RAS members for 2010 year

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  2. Jalkanen J., Rossi G., Trushin O., Granato E., Ala-Nissila T., Ying S.-C. Stress release mechanisms for Cu on Pd(111) in the submonolayer and monolayer regimes. Physical Review B, 2010, Volume 81, 041412(R).
  3. Mordvintsev V.M., Kudryavtsev S.E., Levin V.L., Tsvetkova L.A. Influence of the pressure of the gas medium and duration of controlling pulses on the stability of characteristics of memory cells based on electroformed Si-SiO2-W structures. Russian Microelectronics, 2010, Volume 39, Issue 5, pp 313-322.
  4. Khorin I.A., Denisenko Yu.I., Gusev V.N., Orlikovsky A.A., Rogozhin A.E., Rudakov V.I., Vasiliev A.G. Hf-based barrier layers for Cu-metallization. Proceedings of SPIE 7521, 75210J. Online Publication Date: Feb 26, 2010.
  5. Rogozhin A.E., Khorin I.A., Naumov V.V., Orlikovsky A.A., Ovcharov V.V., Rudakov V.I., Vasiliev A.G.. CoSi2/TiO2/SiO2/Si gate structure formation. Proceedings of SPIE 7521, 75210L. Online Publication Date: Feb 26, 2010
  6. Kaulina T.V., Yapaskurt V.O., Presnyakov S.L., Savchenko E.E., Simakin S.G. Metamorphic evolution of the archean eclogite-like rocks of the Shirokaya and Uzkaya Salma area (Kola Peninsula): Geochemical features of zircon, composition of inclusions, and age. Geochemistry International, 2010, Volume 48, Issue 9, pp 871-890.
  7. Tichonov I., Roginsky V., Pliss E. Natural polyphenols as a chain-breaking antioxidant during methyl linoleate peroxidation in bulk. European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, 2010, Volume 112, Issue 8, pp 887-893.
  8. Amirov I.I, Postnikov A.V., Morozov O.V., Valiev K.A., Orlikovskij A.A., Kal’nov V.A. Method of electrically insulated silicon regions formation in bulk of silicon wafer. Patent RU 2403647 C1. Date of publication: 10.11.2010. (PDF)
  9. Prigara F.V. Effect of charge ordering on superconductivity in high-temperature superconductors. 2010, arXiv:1011.2359.
  10. Prigara F.V. Charge gap, lattice distortion, and ferroelastic fluctuations in high-temperature superconductors. 2010, arXiv:1001.4152.
  11. Prigara F.V. The metal-insulator transition and lattice distortion in semiconductors. 2010, arXiv:1001.3061.


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